Visual Studio Master Class

Most developers spend their entire day in Visual Studio. They launch it in the morning and they close it only when they’re going home for the day. But when I pair with developers I’m mentoring, I see them doing things by hand the long way that Visual Studio would be happy to do for them.
In this all day precon you will learn all that Visual Studio can offer you, including how to find your way around a large complicated code base, how to type less, feel lost less, and get more done in less time. You’ll discover debugging techniques most developers never realize exist, and take advantage of all the power of the Visual Studio editor. You’ll also learn about the dozens of hints and suggestions Visual Studio offers to you all the time you’re working, and how to use them to make yourself more productive. You’ll see how quick it is to set up a Visual Studio Online account and keep your work there, too. While most of the material will include features in all versions of Visual Studio (even the free Visual Studio Express editions) you will also see some of the power that makes Visual Studio Ultimate worth the price for some people.
At the end of this day you’ll be sure to have seen features and capabilities you’ve never used, and go home ready to save hours of development time and reduce your daily frustrations. You will be a better developer and a happier one.