Architecting an ASP.NET MVC solution

Andrea Saltarello

Learn how to design a web solution that exploits the ASP.NET stack: in this talk we’ll find out how to set up an effective, idiomatic design that take advantage of both “out of the box” tools (e.g. MVC, Entity Framework) and bleeding edge, third party ones. Needing a SPA? We’ll understand how to take advantage of existing toolkits. Responsive design? Let’s talk Bootstrap looking at how it provides a useful and highly customizable taxonomy for UI elements. Having troubles implementing an efficient data access layer due to a lot of business rules? We’ll learn how to use LINQ as a mean to decompose those rules in simpler ones that can be composed in a flexible and efficient way. Are you concerned about performance and scalability issues? We’ll see how to implement CQRS in order to take advantage of ad hoc data models and introduce a service bus so to decouple front-end systems from back-end ones.